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Described by a few as "COD zombies" for Virtual Reality. Play our single player story mode, or jump into Multiplayer action!! Freely move around our unique take on zombie tower defense has been built for VR from the ground up. One Of The Last has taken inspiration from multiple tower defense games to bring a Virtual Reality twist on this most popular mechanic.

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Survive and explore a world of challenges, puzzles and secret paths; all whilst under the constant fear of the horde and it's growing strength! Use ancient relics to activate machines, open new paths, enhance your weapons and bring down curses upon the undead. Buy "wall guns" to increase your firepower and grab the perks left by dead souls.
This game will feature 4 unique long play maps, a dedicated story line written by James Hunter, 4 player multiplayer action, unique virtual reality mechanics and an endless waves of zombies.
Get involved in our Early Access program and work with us to shape and form the later levels, story lines, guns and perks. Just about everything is up for discussion as we want to build this universe with our community at the forefront.
Virtual Reality has opened the door to a world of new game mechanics. One of the Last is designed from the ground-up for Virtual Reality, with extensive (and natural) use of the VR controllers.

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